Alastair McNaughton "Mac" was born in England in 1949. He graduated from Art College with a BA in Graphic Design and Photography. His love of travel and getting to know indigenous peoples culture has led him all over the world, photography being the perfect medium for his creativity. To capture the right image, he believes, it's necessary to understand how people live, the problems that beset them, and their own picture of the world.

Mac is a classicist, his work in many ways reminiscent of some of the old school Magnum greats, Henri Cartier-Bresson in particular. His instant sense of geometry and composition is natural and well honed from his years as a graphic artist.

Alastair spent four years with the Wongi Aboriginal community at Coonana in the Western Australian desert. Royalties from his Australian Aboriginal Images series of photographic prints are paid to the Aboriginal Communities and Alastair maintains a close relationship with his friends there. Alastair's sensitive approach to his subjects has won him International acclaim and awards.